• Saint Naum of Ohrid

    Built on a cliff, on the south part of Ohrid Lake, in a landscape with a rare natural beauty, there is a monastery dedicated to St. Naum. This monastery complex has an enormous importance for the cultural history of Ohrid and Macedonia. It is well known that St. Naum, the student of the Holy teachers Cyril and Methodius. there are preserved fragments of lives of saint’s frescoes, several epigraphs with Glagolic and Cyrilic letters which are one of the oldest epigraphic monuments in Macedonia. The monastery is a cult place for many visitors.

  • Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius

    Thessaloniki, the birthplace of Constantine (Cyril) and Methodius. The Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius, featuring a creative building concept, commemorates the tradition. The open book represents a symbolic gateway on the way to the church, i.e. the service of God can be entered into through the Bible - the basic concept of Cyril and Methodius. The temple is beautifully decorated inside. Throughout the walls of the interior are frescoes, typical for Orthodox churches.


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    Cyril and Methodius Cultural Route

    Making the most of the rich cultural and historical heritage of the region associated with the period of Great Moravia and the pilgrimage of the Slavic missionaries.

    An opportunity to further develop the potential for cultural tourism of the cooperating regions and increase their competitiveness.

    The route will bring the greatest benefits at the local level. Its positive impact will be seen in municipalities and the entire tertiary sector in tourism.

    Works with the strong theme of the co-patron saints of Europe – Cyril and Methodius.

    Thanks to the total length of the pilgrimage route (more than 7,500 km), it encompasses large parts of Central, Southern and Eastern Europe.

    In Central and Eastern Europe, it is a perfect product to fill the gap in the field of cultural pilgrimage routes; it is an alternative to the routes in Western Europe. Modern route, reflecting the current requirements of cultural tourism.

    It will contribute greatly to improving knowledge and relationships with regional/national culture and strengthening the integrity, perception and understanding of the cultures involved within the meaning of Europeanism.

    It will improve the ability to cooperate at the international level and connect the cultures of the countries involved.

    Following the trail of Saints Cyril and Methodius over time and space helps develop self-awareness.

    “Velehrad is the ancient heart of the Great Moravian Empire. It is the place from where Saints Cyril and Methodius, brothers from Thessaloniki, launched their apostolic mission among the Slavs. Here are our roots.” Saint John Paul II.

    Velehrad (Czech Republic) – a centre of cultural dialogue between East and West, traditionally hosting unionist conventions, whose importance transcends national borders.

    The Golden Rose was conferred by Pope John Paul II in Velehrad in 1985.

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