European relevance of Saints Cyril and Methodius Legacy

Their work is also a very important contribution to the growth of the common Christian roots of Europe, which by their firmness and viability create one of the main contact points, which must be respected by every serious attempt at reunification of our continent in a new and topical way. Blessed John Paul II, SLAVORUM APOSTOLI,  2.6. 1985.

Cyril and Methodius mission gained primacy by foundation of Slavic literature, which were then developed in Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Eastern Europe. Saints Cyril and Methodius became the spiritual fathers, to whom Slavic nations owe for the Christian faith and culture.  Thanks to the liturgy in national language they preempted the period about 11th century. In 1863, Cyril and Methodius were declared as patrons of all Slavic nations and the Pope John Paul II declared them as co-patrons of Europe in 31th December 1980 on the grounds that in addition to the merit of culture they fought for the unity of the east and west church and showed the right way to unite Europe. The size of their legacy is in their sensitive approach when ascended the local culture through dialogue, listening and observation and organized relations and local customs by supplementing their knowledge and creating new cultural rules that respect the autonomy of local people. Thanks to their methods they have contributed to the peaceful integration of the Central Europe to the more developed nations in Europe. And especially by spreading the message of peace, education, training and creating a sense of the dignity of every nation.

Cyril and Methodius legacy is associated with human rights, cultural democracy, education and scholarship, plurality of opinions, dialogue, mutual contacts and enrichment across boundaries and centuries, the message of reconciliation, awareness of ethical and moral values, friendly coexistence, human development and respect for the internal dignity of every nation. Their story is an authentic theme which resonates in basic cultural, spiritual and social identity of our country. The modern concept of Cyril and Methodius symbolizes the path to the roots, to the fundamental values of European civilization and culture.

"The aim is to make sure that Europe takes responsibility for its entire heritage – its West, but also its East – and starts to breathe fully using both lungs” Cardinal Tomas Spidlik.