This Trail of Cyril and Methodius Route connects three tourist and nature areas Beskids, Hostýn hills and Chřiby with three significant pilgrimage places Radhošť, Holy Hostýn and Velehrad. Walk in the footsteps of hundreds of pilgrims and be inspired by a diverse nature and cultural landscape.


The path stretches from mountain resort Pustevny to Velehrad, the most popular pilgrimage site in the Czech Republic. Total of 137 km of well-marked touristic trail in a stunning and varied countryside through calm forests and agricultural landscape. Here you’ll be able to see important historical and cultural places. You can enjoy the busiest mountain ridge of Beskids from Pustevny to the Chapel of Saints Cyril and Methodius in the Radhošť hill, Wallachian Open Air Museum, pilgrimage site Holy Hostýn, Gothic castle Lukov, famous Zoo in Lešná, Marian pilgrimage site Štípa, Great Moravian fortified settlement in the municipality of Modra and the pilgrimage centre Velehrad - centre of cultural dialog of Western and Eastern EuropeYou will experience serenity, wildlife, amazing countryside and of course culinary experiences based on traditional local food.

The profile of the trail can be characterized as moderately challenging. Sections running along mountain ridges and valleys alternate numerous climbs and descents. Comfortable hiking shoes with a firm sole is our recommendation.