This trail of Cyril and Methodius Route is famous for connecting pilgrimage sites as Šaštín-Stráže, Holy Antoninek and Velehrad as well as main fortified settlements from the Great Moravia period as Kopčany, Mikulčice, Uherské Hradiště and Staré Město. The trail may follow the footsteps of Cyril and Methodius, when they came to and live in Great Moravia.

Besides the pilgrimage sites and fortified settlements from the Great Moravia period, the trail, with total lenght of 109 km, pases through the various traditional sites associated with the winery and folklore, where a number of significant events is held every year, which attract more and more people to visit. Final part of the trail follows the pilgrimage trail of the Rosary with twenty stops. The trail of the Rosary connects the Great Moravian Veligrad (Staré Město and Uherské Hradiště) with Velehrad, which became the bearer of Cyril and Methodius tradition throughout history. The trail can be characterised as flat with no extreme climbs and descents. The river Morava and technical water monument Bata Canal will often associate your steps during the journey.